Thursday, March 15, 2018

From the Lake Worth Interfaith Network, Siddur Avodas HaLev:
“A Jewish View of Prayer”.

The Interfaith Prayer Book was compiled by Lake Worth resident Ted Brownstein. The quote below is from the expanded 2nd edition, 2014, page 31.

“Prayer: Its Hebrew name is, tefillah, a word that gives us an insight into the Torah’s concept of prayer. The root of tefillah means to judge, to differentiate, to clarify, to decide. In life, we constantly sort out evidence from rumor, valid options from wild speculations, fact from fancy. Thus, prayer is the soul’s yearning to define what truly matters and to ignore the trivialities that often masquerade as essential.”

To read the “Hymn of the Good Samaritan” in the Interfaith Prayer Book (p. 69) click on this link.
The first quatrain:

“From every race and land,
The victim of our day,
Abused and hurt by human hands,
Are wounded on life’s way.”

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