Thursday, April 6, 2017

BY REQUEST. Another stroll down memory lane. Suzanne Mulvehill and “Mission Impossible”.

A former Lake Worth commissioner, Suzanne Mulvehill from the Best Commission Ever!* (BCE), remains steady in the top 10 (now #8) of the most-viewed videos all-time on my YouTube channel. To see the top 30 most-watched videos use this link. To become a subscriber click on the red “subscribe” icon and you’ll get an email when new videos have been uploaded.

Apparently, hard to believe, there are still a handful of people that don’t know what happened to John G’s. That iconic restaurant moved south from the Lake Worth Beach down A1A to 264 South Ocean Blvd. in Manalapan and they’re doing very well.

It ended up that ‘saving’ John G’s was “Mission Impossible”. To learn the latest in the continuing drama that is our precious Lake Worth Casino and pool at the Beach use this link.

Here’s another stroll down memory lane to April 2010. If you’re short on time proceed to the 1:45 mark in the video, highly entertaining:

*The now-satirical chant “Best Commission Ever!” (BCE!) was the cry of ever-dwindling supporters like The Obtuse Blogger (TOB), for example, that tried to prop up that horrid City administration back in 2012 (see photo below). Five years later we’re still fixing all the mistakes by the ‘Best Commission Ever!’ and just one of those is the Casino fiasco. Imagine if all that money wasted (lawsuits, legal fees, $1.6 million settlement to Greater Bay, etc.) had instead been used to fix our roads and potholes?

Below, from left to right, photo of BCE! taken at Casino in early 2012, at the structure’s Grand Opening: Former Lake Worth commissioners JoAnn Golden (wearing glasses) has her arm on shoulder of Suzanne Mulvehill, Chris McVoy, PhD (blue shirt with pocket protecter), former city manager for the BCE! was Susan Stanton (wearing green blouse; fired in Dec. 2012), and “self-described Anarchist” Cara Jennings.

Chris McVoy, PhD (now a former commissioner), prior to Election Day last March 14th suggested he wasnt there at the Casino back in 2010. In 2012 the hugs and giggles didn’t last long though:

“Ooops, JoAnn! Did we really forget to fix the pool!”

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