Sunday, April 5, 2015

[UPDATE] Lauren Hills at CBS12/WPEC: What happened to the audio?

[UPDATE: CBS12 took down the video of interview with Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein and replaced it with a still shot. A real shame because this appeared to be a decent news report by Lauren Hills. The original post from 4/2 follows:]

Lauren Hills did a story yesterday in Lake Worth titled, "Stormwater System Improvements To Help With Lake Worth Flooding"; there is a little problem: you can't hear anything. The audio is not working as of 12:30 pm today (4/2).
Above is a screen grab of Lauren Hills with Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein. Your guess is as good as mine what CM Bornstein had to say. If this is any help below is an excerpt of text from the story by Lauren Hills:
     It's a problem that city manager Michael Bornstein says has been going on for years.
     "Everytime we have spring and fall tides, especially when we have a rain event, it's impassable," said Bornstein.
     But in just a few days, FDOT will be starting a project to improve the stormwater system at the base of the bridge to help prevent this kind of flooding. Bernstein says it'll be a big step to help with the problem.
If the audio is fixed I'll let everyone know via an update here on my blog. However, if the past is any indication of future performance, don't hold your breadth this technical error ever being corrected.