Sunday, April 26, 2015

From Facebook's Lake Worth Voice page: ATTENTION SOUTH-END RESIDENTS

"PBSO has just found approximately 15-20 cars vandalized all along the south end of Lake Worth!! Mainly they're finding them from the 1400 block of South K St and 700 block Truman St... So if you live south of 6th Ave S you might wanna go check your vehicle outside! Some of you will find a PBSO business card with a case # on it, that means they've already gotten evidence from your car, some might need to call PBSO. Their Dispatch # is (561) 688-3400.

It's either keying the paint or slashed tires..They just found some more vandalize cars on Douglas St. Apparently they've hit the whole south end... Now they're finding cars vandalized on South H St and South J St too... All in the 1400 block and south..."

Per post by David Coviello, who has a police scanner and notifies people of incidents as they happen.