Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finding Commissioner Maier

Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier was sworn in on March 16th, a month ago. He was invited to attend his neighborhood association meeting on Monday, April 13th. He was a no-show, no-call for the South Palm Park neighborhood meeting. However, former Commissioner John Szerdi was there at the meeting.

The next day, Tuesday, April 14th, was the Lake Worth Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast sponsored by the City. He was a no-show at that event also.

His lying about serving on the Lake Worth Sister City board is well documented and we'll revisit that at a later time.

Was he out of town? Otherwise busy with other things? Those at the South Palm Park neighborhood meeting would like to know. And so would many volunteers at the Appreciation Breakfast on Tuesday.

Being an elected official is more than just showing up at commission meetings. On the campaign trail Maier reportedly would show up at people's doors and show a picture of then-Commissioner Szerdi, then quickly ask, "do you know who this is?" Before they could answer he would say something along the lines that no else does either, insinuating that John Szerdi was not doing his job. Mr. Szerdi has always been very involved in the community and he has continued to stay involved; even attending city commission meeting and participating in public comment.

I can see how being in a room full of actively involved volunteers would make Maier uncomfortable, however, our volunteers are crucial to the City's future. Hopefully we'll hear Commissioner Maier acknowledge that sooner than later.