Sunday, January 11, 2015

Make sure to put this art event on your calendars - January 23rd at the Benzaiten Center

Related to the importance of art in community redevelopment:
"A successful Art in Public Places Program creates an environment that fosters cultural and civic engagement. It can bring a community together, inspire creativity and contribute to economic development. This engagement results in creating spaces for people to come together and help shape their city’s future. Boynton Beach Art in Public places has provided this environment and can now engage the arts to assist in achieving the City’s strategic goals."
-- Debby Coles-Dobay, the Boynton Beach public art manager, as quoted by Alexandra Seltzer in the Post story titled: Boynton’s public art manager leads city through art development

The Arts and artists are essential to the revival of our little city of Lake Worth. Besides the very public efforts of LULA, the Benzaiten Center, and our local arts blog by AnnaMaria, there are many other creative people reclaiming areas of our city that are in need of new ideas and revitalization. When you see a neglected part of our city, vacant lots and blight and houses in need of repair, the artist sees something quite different: a blank canvas. 

Do what you can to support the Arts in Lake Worth!