Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Genesis Neighborhood Meeting from Last Night (1/26/15) - Candidate Forum

This is the last portion of the Genesis meeting where the current candidates running for the District #2 and #4 seats gave their first introductions to the general public, in one place. Ryan Maier appears first (candidates drew numbers to determine their speaking order), Commissioner John Szerdi is second, Commissioner Christopher McVoy is third and Craig Frost appears last. Serge Jerome, Jr., according to the moderator, had a family emergency and wasn't able to attend the meeting. Each candidate was given five minutes

I will be commenting on the individual candidate statements in a later post. To review, these are the seats broken down by candidates:

District #2:
Commissioner Christopher McVoy
Serge Jerome, Jr.

District #4
Commissioner John Szerdi
Craig Frost
Ryan Maier