Friday, December 16, 2016

Remember the Annex Protest! And on painting of the CRA’s Annex: “It’s not to my liking and, ummm, Yikes!” And then she said, “Harrrumphhhh.”

Remember the protest in Lake Worth after the painting of the CRA’s Armory Art Annex building, or as some recall it, the former shuffleboard courts? The signs read:
  • “Stop The Andy!”
  • “Eliminate the CRA!!!!!”
  • “I’m SO ANGRY I made a sign!”
  • “Luddites Of Lake Worth UNITE!”
Former City reporter Larry the Lenz caught all the action!
Following that protest in 2014 a concerned citizen appeared at the City Commission meeting during public comment with a “true story” and she said, “It’s not to my liking . . . Yikes!”