Saturday, November 22, 2014

Northwood merchants: why are we out of the trolley loop? |

Some very unhappy residents in the Northwood neighborhood of West Palm Beach. Eliot Kleinberg reports some are unhappy not being part of the new city "Arts and Entertainment" trolley. I don't blame them. Here from the Kleinberg article, click title for link:
When West Palm Beach introduced, with great fanfare, its “Arts and Entertainment District” on Nov. 13, the new program included a trolley that looped to the Norton Museum, Kravis Center, Clematis Street bars, CityPlace restaurants and even over to the town of Palm Beach.
But the Northwood neighborhood is out of the loop.
“Naturally, this made the Northwood Village merchants quite concerned,” Jon Ward, executive director of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency, said in a memo in advance of a meeting Friday of the CRA’s advisory board for the city’s north end.
Ward said he’s working with the Downtown Development Authority to add the shopping, dining and entertainment district north of downtown, which is a linchpin of the planned revitalization of both that area and the Broadway and Currie Park corridors.