Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Easy" mark for bullies?

Today is a very good day for Lake Worth. Palm Beach County Commissioner Shelley Vana was elected Mayor of the PBC Commission. Mayor Vana has been very supportive of our City of Lake Worth and the hard work our City is doing to turn things around. This can only be looked at as a very positive development.

If you live west of I-95 though, you might have cause for concern. The other blogger, who lives on Lake Osborne Drive, has written some terrible things about Shelley Vana. These include some of the following. If you are a devotee of her blog, do you think:

Shelley Vana is "corrupt"? Lynn Anderson does.
Shelley Vana is "treacherous"? Lynn Anderson does.
Shelley Vana is a "bad politician" and a "shill"? Lynn Anderson does.
Shelley Vana is "unscrupulous"? Lynn Anderson does.

Here are some images from the other blog (she loves it when I do this):

If you disagree with the other blogger, I encourage you to write Mayor Shelley Vana and let her know. Here is the Mayor's email address. LINK: svana@pbcgov.org Don't let Lynn Anderson be your voice at the Palm Beach County Commission.


Sadie the Goat said...

Again, what drives Lynn Anderson is jealousy of successful women. It drives her out of her mind. She is an old vile hateful woman at the end of the line. She lives in a Soviet-style concrete bunker surrounded by snowbirds that she also hates. Commissioner Vana's vote as Mayor is going to drive her mad. Remember, Lynn Anderson called Alex Larson a “hero”. No wonder she worships Timm and McGiveron. She has a thing for sloppy loud fools.

lwbulldog said...

Burdick and Santamaria are reaping what they sowed. Accusing elected officials of corruption plays well with the crazy crowd-at some point though you need to put up or shut up.

Sadie the Goat said...

Can Vana help Katie's neighborhood get annexed back into the county? LOLROF