Sunday, September 14, 2014

Poll worker error disenfranchises 14 Lake Worth voters |

Click title for link for a story that will appear in tomorrow's edition of the Palm Beach Post. Joe Engelhardt writes about the high number of provisional ballots used in Lake Worth on August 26th and includes a breakdown of their ultimate fate. The Supervisor of Elections office remains defensive, but also indicates that one of its Lake Worth poll workers was terminated as a result. There is also this at the end of the article:
While voters casting provisional ballots are supposed to get paperwork describing their right to prove within 48 hours that they were entitled to vote, Matullo said she got nothing. Almost two weeks after the election, she didn’t know until told by a Post reporter that her vote had not counted.
What the article does not say is that the Canvassing Board met the day after the election, prior to the end of the 48 hour deadline after the Tuesday election. Voters were not told of their rights, but the door had been closed on them anyway. Voters were only given a website to go to where they could enter their name to see if their vote WAS counted. They were also given the main Supervisor of Elections office phone number, but that proved to be a run around for most.