Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NAPC Note from the Chair - Last night's, Sept. 15th, Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association meeting

District 3 Commissioner Andy Amoroso kindly recognized all the Neighborhood Associations for the work they do in neighborhood clean-ups, assisting residents with code compliance issues and other community beautification efforts.

He spoke about the inherent difficulties that cities and all government agencies face in trying to get things done. He said, "Twelve people have to touch every project", meaning that twelve different people from twelve different departments have to coordinate, communicate, reevaluate and finally cooperate to accomplish any worthwhile objective and that takes time.

"Twelve" may be a small exaggeration, but the point he made is that the Lake Worth Neighborhoods, acting independently or in unison, have demonstrated the ability to swiftly accomplish what government sometimes cannot do without untangling miles of red tape.

The NAPC and our Member Associations are not government agencies. Each and every one is made up of volunteers who give their time and dedicate their energies for one reason - to make our neighborhoods more attractive for residents and less attractive to vandals and criminals.

We cannot do what we rely on our city officials and Electeds to do; make law, set policy, fund and deliver City services. But my oh my, what the Neighborhoods and the City can accomplish together, each doing what we do best within the parameters of our very different organizations is nothing less than astounding!

So, Thank You to the entire Lake Worth City Commission, our city's administration and dedicated staff for choosing to pro-actively partner with the Neighborhoods and helping us achieve our goals.

Mary Lindsey, Chair of the NAPC