Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My friend and roommate through much of college writes this on Robin Williams passing...

A suicidal comedian is as absurd as life itself.
Even the longest healthiest life is brief.
You cast your demons out on stage and screen
Laughing in the face of life.
Which is so much scarier than death.

We try to be whole yet are often broken.
Punctured with holes that cannot be filled.
And even our patches begin to fray.
Those who are are afraid to die risk never living.
Yet those who walk on the edge of death 
Replace the subtle beauty of life with the rush of adrenaline.
The rewards of fame gild the living lily
Suffocate it and hide it from the sun.

An imperfect life is a whole life.
Your friend "Superman" fell.
He inspired us by not dying for as long as he could.
Thank you for living as long as you were able.
-Rev. Charlie Davis