Thursday, August 14, 2014

All Aboard promises quiet zones before trains are running

Lake Worth will be getting quiet zones on the FEC, which will include freight trains! That should be a big quality of life improvement for many who live near the corridor. For at least four years, I lived at 7th Avenue South and H Street. Click title for link.
The company [All Aboard Florida] said it will invest $60 million in a series of safety improvements at crossings on the Florida East Coast Railway tracks from Miami to West Palm Beach. Transportation planners in Palm Beach and Broward counties have set aside $10.8 million to cover additional safety upgrades that are also needed for the quiet zone. Palm Beach County has pledged $6.6 million to help cover the cost of those improvements.
All Aboard Florida officials said an analysis completed by the company found local governments have set aside enough money to pay for quiet zone improvements. The company has agreed to construct and design the quiet zone improvements at the same time it completes its safety upgrades, resulting in a significant savings for taxpayers, officials said.
“Creating what will be the safest railroad in America has always been at the top of our list of priorities, and with the cooperation of the agencies that we have been working with for now over a year, we can also boast that we will have perhaps the quietest railroad in America as well,” said Michael Reininger, All Aboard’s president and chief development officer.