Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Why the attention?] Young border crossers feel leaving Central America for U.S. is the only choice - wptv.com

[Suddenly this post from July 19, 2014 has generated quite a bit on interest. Thousands of hits. Why would that be? The original post follows and the link to WPTV still works:]

Lake Worth coming to help those in need. Click title for link. From the news article:
"From the beginning of time, people have immigrated when their roots at home have failed them," said Jill Skok of Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth.
Skok said she feels the country has plenty of room for the newest wave of young illegal immigrants. She feels all they want is a better life.
Alvarenga said all he wants is to go to school and become a doctor.
"To save others lives," said Alvarenga.
Teachers at the Guatemalan Maya Center said what they need the most are volunteers who can come in and help the young children learn English.