Monday, May 26, 2014

Parking at the Beach - "Off the Chain"

Today there was a bigger crowd than yesterday. These pictures were taken around 11:15 to 11:30 a.m. I rode my bike there for water aerobics. Above you can see the start of the line that eventually snaked all the way down to the lower parking lot, which was full and eventually out to A1A. As I was leaving around 11:45, the sheriff had stationed a cruiser and an officer at the entrance to the beach (extension of Lake Worth Rd.) and was directing people to go north of the Casino building. I'm not sure how long that lasted as then the traffic jam would be two ways. I heard they shut off incoming traffic completely later on - someone please confirm if this is indeed the case.
There were lines of about 20 people or more at most kiosks - especially the one at Old Bridge Park.
I heard from a reliable source that there were 30-35 accidents there yesterday. I will confirm this tomorrow for all three weekend days. One of the fixes being discussed is angled parking, which would eat up some spaces. We are about at the exact number of required spaces by the County for use of their bond money. Imagine if you had to respond to an emergency there - where would the emergency vehicles park?
Who's idea was this anyway?