Saturday, April 5, 2014

Developer argues for role in challenge to ‘chapel’ condo |

A group is challenging the approval of the tall residential condominium on the Chapel-by-the-Lake property and the developer may join the city in defending the lawsuit. They believe that time is of the essence and any time delay would seriously impact the financial viability of the project. Click title for link to article.
Developer G.A.K. Partners, in a “motion to intervene,” said the court actions Citizens for Thoughtful Growth filed in February in Palm Beach County Circuit Court likely will freeze the project for months, “causing G.A.K. severe financial damage.”
The article also mentions the concept of legal standing in relation to the group that opposes the development. The city of Lake Worth questioned the legal standing of Laurel Decker in her now withdrawn lawsuit against the city.

Click here for the Citizens for Thoughtful Growth's website. Impressive night-time SKYLINE shot of West Palm Beach.

In other West Palm Beach development news, there is a new hotel planned for the Palm Harbor Marina along the waterfront. The plans call for a 7 story building with a parking garage on the water. This comes from the WalkableWPB blog. Check out the renderings and other details here.

Here is part of what WalkableWPB says about the project:
The project is unusual in downtown in that the Zyscovich downtown master plan (DMP) does not apply to the site. Instead, due to its history, itis governed under another set of  zoning standards and zoned as City Center-2 (CC-2). This zoning standard is not form-based as is our current DMP and would have likely required a tower-in-a park type development (think Trianon for an example).

Wisely, the developer has opted to utilize City Center- Planned Development zoning and the project is better for it. The proposal will engage the street, with an entrance on Flagler Drive and active use (restaurant). The public park will be a welcome addition to connect a very disused area of the waterfront that does not feel open to the public at present. This project will result in more public use of the waterfront and the infill of a good portion of the surface parking lot that currently exists.