Saturday, March 22, 2014

Residents of Lake Osborne Heights (ROLOH) reaches new levels of hysteria...

Larry the Lenz called me this morning to point out this post on the neighborhood association's blog. Click title for link.
 You'll find this post right below the title of the blog. It was put up sometime last evening.
The blog post links to this article which talks about the days after 9/11 and how there were terrorists that lived among us and even used the Lantana Airport to train for the attacks. Larry points out the article says they also used the Boca Raton library as an Internet portal. Using this logic, we shouldn't allow the public to access the Internet from public libraries?

Somehow Mr. Neighbors Helping Neighbors, who Larry says is actually Robert Waples, is making a link between terrorists, 9//11 and the proposed John Prince Park location for a spring training facility. That somehow this was missed and the "Lake Worth City Commission jumped on this before they knew all of the facts."

This is what amounts to facts? Read on...
Larry and I scarcely can believe that this was actually put to print, but here it is. My advice: Step away from the keyboard if you are nipping at the cooking sherry.