Monday, March 3, 2014

Delray marketing group launches mobile app - Sun Sentinel

Delray Beach continues to show that it is way ahead of the curve when it comes to using electronic communications with its residents and now its visitors. Click title for link.
Delray is the only city in the United States playing guinea pig for the new Rand McNally "Best Town Travels" program, which highlights "must sees" in different cities through a mobile app.
The app can be downloaded free in iTunes and provides people information on attractions to catch, places to grab a bite and where to stay in Delray.
"If you're on the road and on your way to Florida, you now can plan your whole visit to Delray Beach before you even get here," said Stephanie Immelman, executive director of Delray's Marketing Cooperative.
And this is probably the most telling part of the article:
 When the company planned its new app series, set to officially launch next year, it selected Delray over 60 other cities to help build and try out the app at no charge.
"They chose us out of all of them," she said. "It's just one more channel to bring people to Delray."
Immelman said Delray landed the first app because the city had a marketing firm in place, which made it easy for the groups to quickly build the app together. Delray also benefited from its strong online presence.
Besides the website, even the revamped one leaves something to be desired, the City of Lake Worth has an anemic e-mail blast system. Is anyone still getting anything from Topics in the Tropics? No official presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. It seems that there is no desire on the city's part to participate in these technologies, so it will be left to others to carry the water.

I can see this sort of app being very useful for the Cottages of Lake Worth group.