Sunday, February 9, 2014

Floating house finds a home - Sun Sentinel

The house without a home is finally going to find one, in North Carolina. A number of local relocation spots have been tried, but none came together at the right time with enough resources. The house is now dismantled and it will be moved in pieces. Lake Worth was one of the alternatives attempted. Click title for link. From the article:
The 111-year-old Stambaugh Cottage, which floated on a barge in the Lake Worth Lagoon for close to three years, is packing up and moving north.
The historic home, which escaped demolition in May 2011, was dismantled last month by its owner Jim Vance.
But the story isn't over for the house which is affectionately referred to as "little house that could." Vance plans to rebuild the home as a bridal cottage at his North Carolina property, The Vineyard at 37 High Holly.
And this from the end of the article. The house dates from 1903.

Jane Day, president of Research Atlantica Incorporated said, "the county and South Florida lost an educational opportunity. It's not so much about the Stambaugh cottage, but more about what living around Lake Worth was like a hundred years ago."