Friday, February 14, 2014

Dixie Highway Merchants Meeting

This past Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. a concerned group of citizens, residents and merchants met in a small office space in front of the Car Clinic on North Dixie Hwy. Thanks to Jorge Goyanes for opening the space. This is the beginning of a merchant group concerned about present conditions and the future of North Dixie Hwy. I was only able to be part of the meeting for a short time as I was on my way to chair the Historic Resource Preservation Board meeting that began at 6 p.m.

While I was there, Mary Lindsey explained what was needed to file and become a non-profit corporation to further the group's aims. We also heard from Shanon Materio, who besides being part of a business on Dixie Hwy. in Lake Worth, is also a City Commissioner in West Palm Beach. She talked about how a study is about to be released by the City of West Palm Beach that establishes certain "nodes" along the highway with different themes. Discussion also surrounding getting FDOT to listen to concerns other than making sure traffic continues through the area at a high rate of speed. There needs to be more of a balance between the quality of those using non-motorized ways of transportation (pedestrian and bicycles) and vehicle traffic.

Current merchants on Dixie Hwy. expressed the need to address immediate concerns, like prostitution and drug-dealing, that prevent potential customers from feeling comfortable to park and visit some of the establishments up and down the highway.

I left my e-mail and phone number so I will be on the receiving end of future communications. Wish that I could have stayed to the conclusion of the meeting. It was a good showing!


YoPlat said...

Breaking news from the Genesis Neighborhood Association:

Phil Materio said...

Wes thank you for posting this meeting. It was a good start and with time we should be able to keep the momentum going. With Mary Lindseys help we were able to incorporate and I think it will be offical soon. Lake Worth Dixie Merchants Association, Inc. The next meeting will be at Mcmow Art Glass time and date should be posted soon. Again, thanks Wes.