Monday, January 20, 2014

West Palm Beach to hold momentous vote on waterfront condo |

The vote is coming this Tuesday on this controversial and tall waterfront condominium project in West Palm Beach. The tower proposal is smaller than what was initially proposed and the developer will incorporate a public walkway along the eastern property line along the Intracoastal. But that is still too much building and not enough for the community for some. I think that the design could be more innovative and relate to the street better than a traditional multi-family residential building perched on a pedestal - its parking garage. Anyway, click title for link to article and to view the revised rendering. This is what Mayor Muoio says about the project and the property.
Muoio repeated what she’s said before: Something will be built at that spot.
“I get emails and phone calls from people that think nothing should go in there,” the mayor said Wednesday. “I understand that sentiment, because it’s a beautiful spot. But we don’t own that land.
“If the church and its congregation determines to sell that and have something built on it, our only option is to make sure that whatever built is in the purview of our plan. The important thing is to get the best development we can get there.”