Friday, January 24, 2014

Out and About today in LW...

New bike racks sprinkled about downtown. This one is near the City Hall Annex.

This one is at the northwest corner of the Cultural Plaza.


Block identification signage and LULA-colored planter

This one is at the southeast corner of the cultural plaza. All these are welcome additions.

More, this one is across from Starbucks. The street trees say "Thank you!"

Commissioner Andy Amoroso, behind the counter with Ted Brownstein's book - now in hardcover.

Early set-up for the Seaside Celebration and bonfire tonight.

The section of the road just east of the Casino building is closed off to traffic.

Sand Sculpture begins this afternoon and goes through Sunday.

A novel spelling of Cleveland.

Anonymous couple enjoying the beach, still a little cool and breezy today.

Ended up driving north on A1A and found the lions that have been cited for being six inches too tall.

This is the other one with the similar affliction.