Monday, December 23, 2013

Florida mission to Japan focused on business development |

Click title for link that identifies the extent of the trade relationship between Japan and the state of Florida. Many global corporations use Florida as a jumping off point for ventures in Central and South America. Here is an example of the extent of that relationship.
Florida’s relationship with Japan
• More than 200 Japanese companies account for 20,400 Florida jobs.
• Japan is the No. 1 investor in Florida in terms of property, plants, and equipment with $4.11 billion.
• Japan is Florida’s second largest import market.
• Japan is Florida’s eighth largest merchandise trading partner.
• Japan is No. 9 for Florida-origin exports.
• Japan is No. 28 in merchandise exports.
• More than 270,000 Japanese tourists visit Florida each year.
Source: Enterprise Florida
Florida’s top five merchandise exports to Japan, 2010-2012
Civilian aircraft, engines and parts
Citrus fruit
Electrical apparatus for switching, etc.
Chemical wood pulp
Florida’s top five merchandise imports from Japan, 2010-2012
Motor cars and vehicles
Turbojets, turbo propellers and gas turbines
Transmission apparatus for television and radio, TV and video cameras
Electric generating sets and rotary converters
Printing machines
Source: Enterprise Florida