Monday, November 4, 2013

West Palm Beach takes on smelly alleys downtown |

We occasionally have a similar problem in our downtown. This article goes into the challenges of keeping alleys clean. Lake Worth has tons of alleys. And our alleys are not limited to the downtown. According to the last presentation I heard regarding the Lake Worth 2020 plan, we have 23 miles of shellrock (maybe) covered alleyways. Some are in poor to very poor condition. Way back when, the standard was to run water down the alleys in 2" and 4" galvanized lines. Those don't hold up that long and are not used today for that reason. About a year ago we had a 2" galvanized line break along the rear property line. The city promptly fixed it when we called and they said that it was a very common service call. It's my understanding that the staff is trying to include alley upgrades in the capital improvements called for by the plan. Click title for link to article.