Thursday, November 14, 2013

Town News Releases Posted on: November 13, 2013 Flagler Bridge Temporarily Closed: Secretary James Wolfe Addresses the Mayor and Town Council

Florida Department of Transportation Regional Secretary, James Wolfe, updated the Mayor and Town Council on 11/13/13 regarding the temporary closure of the Flagler Memorial Bridge. Secretary Wolfe reported that the bridge is being evaluated to determine what actions need to be taken to re-open it as soon as possible. More information will be provided as the Town is updated by the DOT.
Since the Flagler Bridge’s closure on 11/12/13, the Town’s Police Department has implemented the traffic control plan it developed last spring for events such as this. Together, the Police and Fire-Rescue Departments have put into effect medical transportation protocols to ensure EMS units can leave the Town quickly to reach nearby hospitals.
The Coast Guard has granted the Town’s request to minimize bridge openings during this period. Effective today, the Royal Park Bridge will not open for boats from 8:16 am to 10:14 am and from 4:16 pm to 6:14 pm. The Southern Blvd Bridge will not open for boats from 8:31 am to 10:00 am and from 4:31 pm to 5:59 pm.
Construction on main roads is now either complete or postponed to ensure major arteries are not obstructed during the Flagler Bridge’s closure. The Town is also adjusting employee schedules to reduce traffic onto and off the Island during the peak rush hour periods. We ask for the community’s understanding, as garbage and trash service will begin earlier than normal during this period.
We encourage everyone to sign up on the Town’s website to receive “News Flashes” and “Emergency Alerts”. The Town will provide updates on the bridge issue as we learn more and will also provide traffic updates periodically. Please register your email and cell phone number, and follow us on Twitter to maximize the ways we can reach you.
Please see today’s online Shiny Sheet article for more information.
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