Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Officials gather in West Palm Beach to tout rail connections... | www.mypalmbeachpost.com

More news about changes to railways in south Florida. This is mainly about the connection of the FEC tracks to the Tri-Rail tracks which will move freight from the FEC to the western set of tracks. This will open up the way for increased passenger service on what is to be called the "Coastal Link." Here's some of the volume of what is planned. Click title for link to Emily Roach's article.
Local governments throughout South Florida are also developing plans for commuter traffic along the FEC tracks. Although FECI is double-tracking for the passenger rail project, a decrease of freight trains will ease scheduling of intercity and commuter service.
Currently the FEC tracks have about 13 daily freight trains and the CSX tracks have four. All Aboard Florida plans to run 32 trains a day and the Coastal Link would have 122 running between the two tracks, according to the grant application for the connectors.