Sunday, September 29, 2013

Local Foods Local Gardens - Urban Growers-Community Farm at the Gray Mockingbird Garden - 9/28/13

Bill and I dropped by the Scottish Rite property at North D Street and Worthmore yesterday at the tail end of our bike ride. Things were wrapping up, but we got to stop by the various booths and chat with the vendors and people associated with various causes. The day coincided with the annual Scottish Rite Barbecue. If we had come a little earlier, we might have experienced a bit of a culture clash.
 Goats (above) and chickens (below) made an appearance.
There was a purveyor of organic and rare meats and other items.
Meet Uncle Jimmy and his Unusual Jelly:

He's trying to get on Shark Tank with is product. It really was quite tasty and he has a killer hot sauce too.

This is Jenna Tiedje who, besides being a personal trainer, is also a strong advocate for mandatory genetically modified food labeling. She was getting some signatures in support of state legislation for such labeling. We got to talking about the GMO issue and I invited her and others to be guests on High Noon in Lake Worth. They accepted the offer so expect a show on GMOs soon!
And, right next door, we had a honey bee display.
Bees are experiencing high fatality rates and many think that genetically engineered plants share part of the blame.
Then we made it over to the EarthFirst! table where we met two people associated with the group. They told us that most of their effort now was about preservation of the Briger Forest, which has been chronicled here on this blog. They also had their most recent newsletter, dated Spring 2013, that we could have for a $6.50 donation. We didn't get their names but they did let me take a picture of them. I even asked them to smile which one did. When I introduced myself, the gentleman there thought that I didn't look like the Wes Blackman he knew from YouTube. He asked me what "take" I would have on this on the blog. I just said that I would tell people that you were here and that's about it. So, they were there.
 And there they are.
It was a nice way to spend part of the afternoon yesterday and a fitting end to our bike ride.