Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fines climbing for Omphoy |

In Palm Beach, code enforcement is taken to a rarified level. The brouhaha seems to be over some un-permitted work at the Omphoy and the noise created by a vent or two that disturb the neighbors. Imagine, sometimes they can hear it over the crashing surf! Fines are being accumulated at $250 a day and there are other issues. An attorney is representing the Omphoy in the matter.

In complete and total contrast, read what our internal auditor is saying after his six or so months on the job in the upcoming City Commission agenda back-up material for the regular meeting on July 16th. It goes on for about 200 pages of packet. I'm about half way through but have read enough to conclude that we are definitely getting our money's worth with this person. If you have had a feeling that things are bad behind-the-scenes in our fair city, well, you were right. Things are bad or worse than can be imagined. The good thing is that they are being addressed now but we have to get through a whole lot of ugly before we get to the Promised Land.

We should be thankful for the sage that put in the Internal Auditor requirement in our Charter and for the Commissioners and Mayor who finally determined that it was not an optional position.

If you want to read about the offending "vent" at the Omphoy, click title for link.