Thursday, June 20, 2013


This letter is in response to a "cease and desist" letter issued by West Orange, N.J. concerning the use of its name on a non-Township website that uses West Orange as part of its domain name. The letter is worth a read and is very amusing. Click here for the Huffington Post article where I found it. Note that this blog uses the City of Lake Worth in its title. There are also many people and entities on FaceBook that use "Lake Worth" in the title to their pages and identities. The city has never made an issue of this, but has talked about unapproved use of the city seal before. To my knowledge, the city's seal (the one seen behind the dais and other places around town and on stationary) is not copyrighted.

Anyway, enjoy the letter! Hit the icon in the lower right-hand corner for a full page view.

  Stephen Kaplitt: Cease and Desist Response Letter by Staci Zaretsky