Monday, April 29, 2013

How Wynwood Went From Abandoned Warehouses To Hipster Hangout | WLRN

A Miami neighborhood under-going an arts/developer led gentrification process.  Click title for link to article and don't miss the WLRN interview.  Hit "play" underneath the pictures on the linked page.  From the article:
"For us, we're artists so we like gentrification in a way," said Álvarez. "We like the colors. We like the galleries. We like the cafes. We like Panther Coffee, Lester's. We enjoy Wynwood. But at the same time, we do think about the other effects of gentrification, what gentrification is doing to the people that live there, because if you think about it, gentrification is a modern type of colonization."
She says she characterizes it this way because new people are going into Wynwood and making decisions for the people who've been living there since the 1960s.
"What I would like people to think about is how we can do this in a different way, how we can give [these] people something good as we take something good from the neighborhood," said Álvarez.