Monday, April 15, 2013

History of the Lake Worth Casino - according to the city's website:

Click title for link.  This paragraph left me with an ambiguous feeling:
The casino was rebuilt after the 1947 hurricane; and included shops and restaurants, a ballroom, a municipal pool and a pier. Recently there was considerable debate over whether to demolish the building or renovate it. However, it was decided to re-build the structure and in 2013 the new $6 million casino building and beach complex opened to much fanfare.
Can the city please set the official record straight and say that the building was demolished due to its deteriorated condition?  I would even be o.k. with saying this was only done after extensive attempts to save the former building.  The narrative above leaves questions unanswered.  If there was "considerable debate," and there was, then it is important to be clear what the ultimate outcome was.