Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom...

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Wake Up Lake Worth! said...

Tie the ends together: Lawrence McNamara, Dee McNamara, Lynn Anderson, Suzanne Mulvehill, and Chris McVoy


Citizens Come First
Lake Worth, Florida
Laurence McNamara, Chairman

Lynn Anderson, Treasurer
2204 Lake Osborne Dr #2X
Lake Worth, FL 33461
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Location Lake Worth, Florida
Laurence McNamara, Chairman

Lynn Anderson, Treasurer
2204 Lake Osborne Dr #21
Lake Worth, FL 33461

And Lynn Anderson says: "I am a Tea Party Republican!"

Her blog is all a fake. It's a ruse. The goal? Get rid of the current majority on the commission, get rid of PBSO, put Cara Jennings in charge as Mayor or de facto Mayor.


Want to see something interesting? Go to Lynn Anderson's blog and search, "Cara Jennings". Now search Pam Triolo and Jeff Clemens.

Get the idea?

"She" pretends to be of the mindset of the current Lake Worth majority, but does anyything and everything to undermine them, at each and every turn.

Can you imagine Lynn anderson and Lawrence Mcnamara being able to call the mayor at any time of day, or night, and decide whether you get your sidewalk fixed or not? Your police service available? Your electric?

Wake Up Lake Worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why you sanctimonious prick. There is an unwritten rule which is unwritten because MOST civilized people don't need TO BE REMINDED. The rule is this, when someone embarks on a self-discovery tour you need to step back and be SUPPORTIVE. I know, the $3 million settlement to Greater Bay was an ISSUE, but in the big scheme, what really is the price of FINDING YOURSELF? I think the voters of Lake Worth will understand.

Russell said...

"Snow is me?" So she was elected twice. How did that happen? Funny video!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Morons. What does it feel like to be a MORON?

Anonymous said...

Wes, someone just sent me your blog. Are you well? Call Dr. Alinski. You need help.

Anonymous said...

You are nuts.

Larry and the flashlights said...

Lynn Anderson as quoted on her blog, 3/27/13:
"What we need are people of honesty and integrity but way too often we end up with a whole lot less--people who only want to win the game. They sacrifice their neighbor or opponent to win with the most vile of statements, usually anonymous, and you can count always on the flaming lie. Once elected, many officials change like a chameleon. They think they know best and the hell with your opinion or anyone else's."

I totally agree with Lynn Anderson:

I direct you to a web site:


And, when you get to the site, note the anonymous comments.

Very charming.

Liz S said...

Very interesting thing on Happy Fingers blog this morning, oh, and thank you Wes for that hilarious video!!

Read this, at the end of a post, a tribute to someone she knows who died this week:

"He was fascinated with the campaign literature and with how our elections worked. He could not believe that the police and fire men and women were allowed to contribute to campaigns. I couldn’t believe it either."

Funny way to end a tribute? Would you agree?

Anonymous said...

..."forced by former Commission member Nadine Burns, who coerced stupid fellow Commissioners, to sign it illegally,while shoving the sitting young Mayor, Marc Drautz, who was present and healthy.Nadine Burns is now given for years a position with the do-nothing for lake Worth, Chamber of commerce, which building cost us $300,000,- to hold conspiracies against the City."


Anonymous said...

From the Citizens Come First blog (http://citizenscomefirst.blogspot.com/), under the heading, "Election 2010":

"Commissioner District 4, Suzanne Mulvehill, is a strong force for positive action."

And, later in the blog post:

"She voted to retain public control of our beach by ending the illegal contract with Greater Bay after bringing an expert engineer (pro bono) who certified that the present Casino was sound for rehabilitation. The City is now going forward with beach rehabilitations and rebuilding our Casino, her original campaign promise."

Note: it was the deposition of Suzanne Mulvehill and Cara Jennings (who lied under oath), along with the background/timeline that Lynn Anderson's blog supplied that made the $3 million payout to Peter Willard and Greater Bay necessary.

Anyone got old pictures of Hot Dog Park? Say from 2003?

Barbara said...

Because the circle is a universal symbol of unity and wholeness, we are circling the PBSO to show our support for our continuing safety and to preserve our lives and property.

Come and be a part of saving our safety and property by joining the circle

The Circle of Light Event

Date: TBD, the first week of March, 2014

Lake Worth Casino.

Anonymous said...

hot dog park? explain
in lake worth?

anyone want to channel? said...

Back about 2002, 2003 Mulvehill tried to ride the business guru beat, you know, the Anthony Robbins spiel, except her message was that bizarre "inner soul" scientology bs, plays good to well-off women with nothing better to do but doesn't play well with the Ramen noodles crowd. That new age, feed your soul bullshit. Tough sell at best even in a good economy.

Anonymous said...

Man, do you have any idea how much Pinkie the clown hates you right now? She worked for mcnamara as the treasurer? holy sh*t. does come full circle

How did you end up in the stack of stuff? said...

Curious, Ms. Lynn Anderson, you are a tea party republican in the tradition of Allen West. OK, get that. Your blog supports Allen West? Or...trying to damage him using the pushpoll tactic? Have you, Ms Anderson, ever posted a picture of yourself with Allen? Ever? Can't find one. When did you, Ms Anderson, write a post about your attendance at a tea party gathering? Ever? The FL tea party platform has no mention, nary a one of: "Lynn anderson". Anderson lives in Lake Worth FL, as the crow flies, no more than 4 miles from Rush. And she never mentions that? Search her blog. Tea party republican! Allen West supporter! Allen was a guest on the show and you do not know Allen West. Can arrange a picture of you and Allen, interested? right here at the compound. But you'll need better threads and some manners.