Monday, November 19, 2012

To Get America Growing Again, We Have to Look to Our Most Productive Metro Areas - Jobs & Economy - The Atlantic Cities

Click title for link to a revealing article and graphic related to productivity of metro areas in the U.S.  But only do so if you think economic growth is something that we should nurture.  If you don't think it is important and you are living in Lake Worth, you might have found the right place to live. From the article:
The metros with the highest levels of consistent productivity growth over the past decade are those with high-tech knowledge based economies or strong energy economies.
On the flip side, the other metros with the lowest ratios — less than .5 — all come from three states: Arizona, Texas, and Florida. They include McAllen and Brownsville, Texas; Lake Havasu and Prescott, Arizona; and Punta Gorda and Palm Coast, Florida.