Thursday, April 5, 2012

Students of self-perception and revisionist history take note!

The following link will take you to the reference packet prepared by Colin Baenziger for the City of Hallandale Beach as part of that city's search for a city manager.  Many loyal readers will recognize that name from past city manager searches here.  It includes somewhat of a self-assessment by Susan Stanton as translated  by Mr. Baenziger.  In reading it, I am sure you will find some parts revealing, other parts surprising and others worthy of the exclamation "OMG!".  Also of interest is who is included in the list of people providing references.  These include former Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden, Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill and the ever-present Lynn Anderson.  There are also a couple of jabs at "bloggers" and hints of Ms. Stanton's close relationship with The Palm Beach Post.

Here is a sample of what Ms. Stanton thinks of her management style:
It turns out that she was not successful in securing this position; it was offered to another candidate.  I am sure that you join me in wishing her all the best in her continued job search.

Click here for 17 page document.  Thanks go to one of our intrepid readers-turned-reporter in providing this document.  As always, your comments are welcome.