Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chance meeting with Assistant City Manager Margoles yesterday...

In city hall for another meeting during the day yesterday, I happened to bump into our Assistant City Manager Margoles.  Seems as though yours truly was the reason she was up at 2 a.m. attempting to form a response to the revelations regarding the parking meter system at the beach.  There was then an 8 a.m. meeting between the various "higher-ups."  Seems as though there is indeed a "2 hour minimum" stay at the beach.  When I asked if this was formally acted upon, she indicated that the idea was presented and no one objected so it found its way into city policy - one of those "consensuses" from a work session on the budget.  In response, the city is fashioning a sign that will indicate that there is a 2 hour minimum stay and word-smithing the sign is underway.  Some of the Commissioners have already seen some version of it.  She also said that they are planning and getting another machine for the top lot.

Parking revenue, not surprisingly, is way up and the "actual" figures generated by today's system are being used "going forward" for future revenue projections...hmmm.  Maybe someone thought there would be a shortfall otherwise?  Parking revenue from the beach is supposed to be paying for the lifeguards and the subsidy for the non-revenue producing pool.  The Casino building tenant leases are designed to pay off the debt and operating costs related to the Casino building itself, according to Ms. Margoles.