Saturday, July 23, 2011

PBC Fire Rescue Meeting today Saturday 23 June @ Brogue’s Down Under at 1:30 p.m. by Karri Casper

Public Safety Comes First and that is why it is so imperative that we gather together today as a community. Our Voices must be Heard.

At the Thursday, 21 July meeting when the Willdan Fire Feasibility Study was presented; it once again was not a complete report. It is lacking in monetary assessments that are imperative before making a critical choice and in no way is it acceptable for basing a sound financial decision on.

Once again, the public was gathered in expectation of public comment. It was voiced from the dais that it would be permitted. Quite a few of the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue were in attendance; Fire Chief Steve Jerauld, Deputy Chief Ron Beesley, Battalion 3 Chief Mike Arena, Battalion 4 Chief Chuck Lupo, Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County, Inc. 1st Legislative Vice President Fred Angelo, 2nd Legislative Vice President AJ O'Laughlin and many others.

The tennis volley started again, Now there was going to be NO public comment. For a while it appeared Fire Chief Steve Jerauld was not going to be permitted to speak AFTER being asked to do so by the commission.

And THIS is how we Thank them for their service? This is how we thank them for SAVING us money? Because once again, the service we receive from PBC Fire Rescue costs less than what it would for us to operate our own fire department.

The commission will be voting THIS Thursday 28 July whether or not to break the contract with the deadline of August 1st for notification to Palm Beach County. Don’t forget we are already behind in our payments. Payments that are IN our Present Budget. What is wrong with this picture?

Once again, it is left up to the residents, citizens and business owners of Lake Worth to scramble together so our voices might have the opportunity of being heard.

We do hope you will join us. We apologize for the late notice, but only had Friday to put this together. There will be representatives from the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue in attendance. Let’s demonstrate to them how much we appreciate all they do for us.