Friday, July 1, 2011

Letter from Resident ATTN Capt. Silva - In Support Of Continuing PBSO as Lakeworth's Law Enforcement Provider

Dear Captain Silva,
I am writing to extend my support for the movement to have PBSO continue as the law enforcement agency for our little town, your District 14.
As a NEWly arrived Lakeworth homeowner, I closed on a residential property in early March of this year.  It is at 711 South F street in the “Genesis” neighborhood.  While I am a part-time resident at the moment, it is my intention to relocate full-time to Lakeworth within the next 2-3 years.  I am familiar with several of South Florida’s coastal cities but have determined that Lakeworth is the place for me! Thus I hope to take an active interest in the welfare of the city, be a good neighbor in my community and contribute positively to the social and economic fabric of the place.
Having just landed in town, I cannot say that I have a full historical understanding of the “then” to “now” profile of the city as it was “then” under the local LWPD. My limited understanding is that the LWPD was a severely under-manned and under-resourced agency in proportion to the magnitude of woes that the city was dealing with at the time. Therefore the LWPD was hardly seen as an effective law enforcement organization by the community. It’s my impression that overwhelmingly, current public opinion credits the 2008  merger with the PBSO, the considerably more formidable and sophisticated resources, staffing & tactical capacity that the PBSO affords, with bringing about significant positive changes in the crime profile of the city and the security and viability of the town. 
Although I just got here, I already have had personal experiences that convince me PBSO is the way to go!  Here’s my story:
My home was purchased in March as I said earlier and the months of April and May were spent doing some remodeling upgrades to stabilize the structures, replace infrastructure that had suffered at the hands of previous vandalism episodes, introducing landscaping and exterior improvements to increase curb appeal etc, etc.  Well, no sooner than we were 99% done and ready for move-in, we sustained not one, but two attempted break-ins and property damage in quick succession May 3 and again on May 6 !  While no arrests have been made in either incident, and while I will admit that even though I am from Brooklyn, NY, I did have my “OMG what have I gotten myself into” moment,  I was completely re-fortified by the response that my two 911 calls got and the follow-up from your officers and detectives.  Their professionalism was awesome and confidence inspiring.  In particular, the follow-up inspections by Detective Careirro went a long way in reassuring me that someone has our backs in a demonstrable way.  This sort of vigilance is what MUST continue to be maintained in order to not lose ground and backslide into more negative territory. 
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY COMMEND THE PBSO and will offer my support any way that I can toward a resolution that allows our city government to keep PBSO at work for us.
Please feel free to use this testimonial in any manner that furthers this goal.
Susanne Lyn
Lakeworth citizen
Since March 2011