Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Follow-up on Casino Rehab - 12 17 City Manager's Report

The following is from the 12 17 10 City Manager's Report.
I point this out since Commissioner Maxwell asked specifically if anyone had talked with the tenants at last week's City Commission work session on Tuesday.  The City Manager tended to wave off the question, saying that they would be getting a commercial real estate consultant on board.  Well, according to the first highlighted section above, the team met with the tenants last Thursday.  Although the tenants were told when they would have to vacate, we are left to wonder when that is and under what terms.  In the second highlighted section above, the City Manager mentions a "project manual."  This is a document that tracks the project's progress and is prepared by Morganti - click title of post for link.  Morganti has established a Casino project webpage that will link to future updates. 
The above chart, also from the same City Manager's report, is a worksheet on the LEED certification for the building.  Note that it is only four points away from no certification and six points away from a Silver LEED certification level.