Monday, September 13, 2010

Street Painting Festival Grant funding for 2011 is in jeopardy.

Dear Street Painters and Friends of the Street Painting Festival,

    We need your voices once again in helping us to secure funding for the 2011 Street Painting Festival.
Please take a moment to write the Palm Beach County Commissioners about how important grant funding is for the arts in South Florida and what it means to you to participate in such an event as the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. The more e-mails they receive from the public that they represent the more impact it will have.
1)      Write a Letter to and copy all the County Commissioners :

Thank You! For all your help, support and participation. You are the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival! You make it all happen.

Best as always,

Maryanne Webber

Street Painting Festival Inc

* My apologies if you have received this e-mail in multiples, in my haste to get this out to all of you I may have duplicated databases.
   See the e-mail below from the Palm Beach County Cultural Council for more information.

From: Jan Rodusky [] 
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 3:02 PM
To: ''
Subject: Grant funding for 2011
Importance: High

Dear Maryanne,

I am following up on an the status of the Street  Painting  Festival’s  CI grant for 2011.

The Grant is in Serious Jeopardy!

The Commission is positioned to NOT fund next year’s grant of $13,396. The Cultural Council is doing everything we can to advocate on your organization’s behalf. Now we need you to advocate for yourselves – IT IS THE LAST CHANCE.

The Street Painting Festival needs to do three things:
2)      Write a Letter to your Commissioner and copy all the County Commissioners :,,,,,
3)      Attend the Budget Workshop on September 14 at 6:00 at the County Government Center .
4)      Speak Publically and tell the Commissioners that you are outraged about the lack of public funding for the arts and what it means to your organization and the people you support.

Please respond to me with your commitment.



Jan L. Rodusky
Director of Grants
Palm Beach County Cultural Council
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Anonymous said...

The reason the Street Painting Festival has been so successful is because the City Commissioners and City Hall have nothing to do with it!

Anonymous said...

Both the city commission and the county has provided funding for the street painting festival.I understand
that one of the reasons Commissioner Mulvehill got rid of Ramicio was so they wouldn't have to support it this year.

Anonymous said...

The street painting festival is a cultural undertaking that enriches the community. When it comes to making tough funding choices elected officials and business leaders need to have strong credible data that demonstrates all the economic benefits.
Valuable commerce is generated for local merchants. The entire C of C of Lake Worth should take a moment and e mail.

AnnaMaria Windisch-HUNT said...

From "Arts & Economic Prosperity III" as it pertains to Florida
"Arts and culture are vital to the future of Florida. Count these as investments in community develop -ment. As investments in a quality workforce and an innovation economy Businesses and communities prosper from the creative and the creative workforce. Arts and culture is that ingredient that not only enriches experiences but attracts others, some as visitors but many to stay".
Tony Carvajal
Executive Vice President
Florida Chamber Foundation
Talahassee, Florida

Thought I would share the above as I used to come to Lake Worth for one reason the Street Painting Festival
I and my friends would take the weekend spend most of the day trying different restaurants visit stores, and return the following day to see the completed art works.
Now I live here, and hope to volunteer and my first act, is to urge you to contact the powers that be. e-mail list mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is even a question in funding this event!

I have lived in South Florida/Broward County my entire life. The first time I visited Lake Worth was to see the chalk painting my coworkers worked on in 1998. Years later when my husband and I were looking for a home I remembered the cute town with little beach houses. We bought our house here in 2005.

There are a lot of bad things going on in our city. The amout of slum lords, crime and boarded up homes make me question our decision to live here. The Street Painting Festival reminds residents of Lake Worth's potential. You can not get better advertising for the city then this free event. I work in Boca and every year at least 10 coworkers go to see the art, eat in the resturants and many comment on how cute the town is. How are we ever going to get more people to want to live in our city if the commission can't even come up with $13,000?

It makes me angry there is even a doubt the festival won't get funded.