Monday, July 19, 2010

Response from City re: 902 North C Street - came in at 2:40 p.m. today

Mr. Blackman, 

Thank you for the info on 902 N C Street.   Public Services was notified today to address securing the building and the appearance of the property.  This single-family home was placed on the City’s surplus list earlier this year.  Both the Planning & Zoning Board and City Commission decided not to deem the property “suitable for use as affordable housing”.  At the July 6, 2010 City Commission meeting, the Commission chose to convey the property to the CRA.  The property was one of 4 properties conveyed to the CRA, that night.  Resolution 16-2010 approved the conveyance.  The CRA explained they would use the property for their Cultural Renaissance program.  So far this year, 7 properties have been approved for conveyance from the City to the CRA.

Please let me know if anything else is needed regarding this property.

Wayne R. Bergman, MCP, LEED-AP
Community Development Director
City of Lake Worth


Russ Hibbard said...

Can't find anything on the CRA website regarding any of these properties. So, question time:

What's the CRA's record of repairing and returning these homes to the marketplace?

Does it provide a public listing of available properties, and if so are these properties to be auctioned or listed with MLS?

Any mechanism to insure they are sold as primary residences, perhaps with a clause prohibiting rental?

Are the proceeds of a sale returned to the general fund, or to a CRA district fund specific to the property?

Anonymous said...

The city has handled this horribly, this is just so unacceptable. I am so tired of all the mediocrity from this city and depts. The CRA also is not doing enough about the blight and conditions, it should be the true goal of the CRA to eventually dissolve itself as a committee once things are fixed, but then again they do not want things to be fixed really. Think about it. The CRA should be a short-term committee to improve the city until things get better, will things ever get better? I am not sure all the beuarocrates want this.

Wes Blackman said...

I have sent these questions to the CRA staff - I wanted to be sure of the current answer and not hazard a guess.