Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Is there ever a time when someone who is elected to public office not a public figure? 

It's a question worthy of asking and discussing since Lake Worth has a former elected official in the headlines, one that was in office seven years ago.  In reading the Palm Beach Post and their emphasis on this fact, it seems to be just another negative story about Lake Worth that they can use to sell papers.

If you add their recent headline on Mayor Varela's budget speech - highlighting one comment of his half hour talk about "drunken spending' of previous commissions, what is the Post actually trying to get at here?  Does it help our existing dire situation?  I don't think it does.  

And, unfortunately, I think that in this day in age especially, once a public official, always a public figure - for better or worse.


Anonymous said...

The thing with Bo ending up in the Post happened really fast. I think its possible someone was looking through the PBSO blotter, spoted Bo and called the Post.

I saw the other bloggers site and she found it necessary to include that Bo gave a $250 donation to Lisa Maxwell. And, what does that have to do with anything?

And, just because you're over 80 doesn't mean you can't be an a hole and an instigater. I have my doubts about the elderly man's version of events.

I'm just saying.

Jessica said...

Come on now, Wes. You know the Post only prints positive stories about Lake Worth if they involve Cara, illegal immigrants and/or the Resource Center.

Dale said...

Cara trumps Bo's charged Battery with a charged Possession of an Illegal Substance on one of her and Lynn's friends---Chris Summa--
Case ID: 502010MM006390AXXXMB
Filing Date: Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Location: MB - MAIN BRANCH
Jury: N-Non Jury
Filing Date: 18-MAY-2010
Disposition Amount:
Docket Text: none.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Lynn, Was quick to jump on Bo. Not a Word about the arrest of her good buddy Cris Suma when he was arrested.

Wes Blackman said...

Did I read that right, "indigency?" Have you seen the camera equipment he uses?

Anonymous said...

Um, how in the world does Cara Jennings become involved in this?

Dale, are you saying misdemeanor possession of marijuana is a far worse infraction than Bo's alleged felony battery on a person over 65?

Everyone, including Lynn and Dale who want to associate an individual's problems to either elected officials or candidates are way off base.

Wes Blackman said...

Quoted for truth: "Everyone, including Lynn and Dale who want to associate an individual's problems to either elected officials or candidates are way off base."

What we really have to ask here is how the PB Post is being led to believe that ALL of Lake Worth's problems are due to the action or inaction of previous City Commissions and who/how is that story line being fed to them? Any story line like that, including much of the Mayor's speech, supports the notion that the current office holders and future incumbents in this coming election are the "problem solvers" and not the "problem makers."

The reality is far from that, but those that are running need a "bogey man" and the past is the best one they can come up with. Perception is reality in the voters' mind.

Dale said...

I was just countering Lynn's bundling of Bo's campaign contribution with her important news flash.
A prime example of the current Commission being problem makers was outlined in the Commission Meeting presentation on the selection process of our most recent volunteer board appointments. Also, never leaving a problem he helped create alone-- our Mayor is now asking a never interviewed appointee to recant their resignation. So much for integrity with respect to his oath of office.

Chris said...

Is this the same Edward King whose son was fired by a City Commission vote that included Mr. Allen? If so, the PBP ought to be ashamed of themselves for not disclosing this fact.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a second charge
on Mr. Summa Violence on a police officer?

Dale said...

It was my understanding that Summa had a charge of possession with intent to distribute reduced to possession in a plea bargain that included dropping the resistance charge.
Can't wait for pictures at 10 on 5

Anonymous said...

"Is this the same Edward King whose son was fired by a City Commission vote that included Mr. Allen?"

The commission had no say in the firing. It was the City Manager alone. Mr. King is clearly elderly. Bo has had other physical confrontations, one caught on tape with Ed Deveaux inside city hall.

If he pushed my father down, I'd want him arrested. He's bigger and 30 years younger.

Anonymous said...

That's not true. The commission did have a say,unlike today the then city manager,would never have fired
Gary without approval of the commission.

Anonymous said...

If he pushed my father down i would want him arrested to. But he didn't push anyone down.Think about it who would push an old man down? For what reason?

Wes Blackman said...

Kind reminder that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.