Monday, April 19, 2010

Fee hikes possible as Lake Worth looks for ways to pay for swimming pool repairs

Click title for link to Palm Beach Post article.  True to their role as the Information Ministry of the current majority on the Commission, they don't mention that, beyond the $1 million in direct expenses, Greater Bay is also suing for potential damages of $40 million.  Here is a copy of e-mail correspondence from this morning:
Also, check out this paragraph.  I didn't know that time travel was possible.

The pool work began in 2009.  How could Mr. Kroll have recommended something in 2008 when he "began working for the city after renovations had started?  Wasn't he already here then?  Can this be any more confusing?

The point here is that the pump room was not part of the contract to renovate the pool because that portion was going to be part of the larger project eventually.  The thought was, apparently, let's not spend money twice.  Now that the building is being used, it is a different set of circumstances.  In fact, all of the architectural teams for the Casino renovation, including REG, included the pump house as part of their overall re-do.