Monday, February 15, 2010

Which do we have more of...Red Herrings or White Elephants?

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Spice said...

Red Herrings
White Skinned Privilege
ROW’s—Plastic bags—Open City—Site Planning Parks
Gentrification Raising Property Values
Retail chains and their various perceived grievous acts

White Elephants
Inability to fund Casino repairs and to continue subsidizing existing Tenants
Completing the RO Plant without adequate funding to dig a deep well---so we won’t be able to provide adequate future water supplies
A City Manager who can’t manage, plan or budget
Lawsuits that we caused and will bankrupt us if judgments are levied against us
The ruling Cara Cabal does not have the will or orientation to fight Crime and Blight
The upgrading of our patched together Electrical Transmission System is dead in the water
Cara’s Ruling Majority has decided to make decisions on spurious considerations---Beach—The Tenants are determining the Casino renovation---Comp Plan is based on fear of another Lucerne---