Sunday, February 28, 2010

Identity Problem

An example of the problem resulting from the over-inclusive Dolph Interactive Map of Lake Worth businesses on the city's website (which is on the Commission's agenda this week), this LAKE WORTH "Harvest Time Market" was the subject of a story on local CBS Channel 12.  During the story, the location of Harvest Time was mentioned about 20 times as being "in" Lake Worth.  Accompanying video shots showed wide open agricultural fields full of strawberry, tomato and squash plants.  It looked like it was about 10 acres worth of land, at least.  I knew Lake Worth didn't have anything like that within its boundaries, but the public got the impression that we did.  Only after the piece was over did the anchor say the farm was at Hypoluxo and Military.

We need to be aware of the cloudy image that the public has of what Lake Worth actually is - geographically.  A long time ago now, I remember being at a meeting on the Master Plan at the Shuffleboard Court building.  There was a new face that was there, which was good.  However, when we got talking about certain areas of the city we need to focus on, he asked "What about the area by the Fountains?" - which it turns out to be where he lived.  The Fountains are on the south side of Lake Worth Road - west of Jog Road!

We need to do a better job differentiating between what is the five by five mile City of Lake Worth and what is actually unincorporated Palm Beach County.  Are we still talking about branding?

Just for kicks and giggles, click around on the Dolph's Map where it has the alphabetized listing of businesses.  I did it for a while and less than half were in the City of Lake Worth proper.  It's also interesting to see exactly how far away from the city is referred to as "Lake Worth."