Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miscellaneous ramblings...

I thought it would be good to catch up on a couple of things. I hope that you have a safe New Year's Eve and a prosperous/healthy 2010.

Thanks for your continued loyal readership and I am delighted to see people using the comment feature more. I do moderate comments and have had a very liberal policy in accepting them for publication. For the immediate future, I will continue allow "anonymous" comments, but may re-evaluate that in the future if it becomes problematic.

I enjoyed walking downtown today and bumping into so many familiar faces. The place was bustling and people seemed to be in a holiday frame of mind. Last night, I was reminded that we do live in a dangerous world and that we take our own personal safety for granted many times. A friend of mine had just dined at Smokey Bones in Wellington and was in the parking lot waiting for a cab. As he was getting in the cab, someone came from behind and grabbed his wallet that was in his hand. Instinct kicked in at that moment and he chased after the guy, tackling him in the parking lot. A scuffle ensued and the mugger got up and kicked my friend in the back of the head, knocking him out. The police and paramedics came and he ended spending the night at Wellington Regional under observation. The good news is that he is okay, but he did lose the contents of his wallet in the process. He's still shaken up over the event. Apparently there have been a couple of similar instances in that area recently.

Now, on a more mundane topic, I had the City come by twice this week to check my water meter. Two days in a row, by two different people that didn't know that the other one was checking it too. I was the only house on the street for such special treatment. I don't use that much water (last month was 2,000 gallons) - I live alone, take one shower a day and do laundry as needed - period. I'm not sure if I'm singled out due to my frugal water use or what - just thought it was unusual.

Thanks again for visiting here. Have fun tonight!