Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Message from CRA re Tenth Avenue Construction

CRA Board Members,

As many of you may know, Staff attends construction meetings with our consultants, Burkhardt construction and their sub-consultants every week. These progress meetings help us become familiar with the construction schedule, inform us of possible issues that need to be addressed and provide us with tasks to be completed.

I thought the Board was able to gain a considerable amount of understanding regarding the project at the on-site workshop so I will provide the Board with updates via e-mail whenever possible so you are all kept abreast of the progress.

As of 4/14/09

The following work is being done on the north half of the road:

· Installation of street light poles

· Installation of band curbs at the corner features

South side work:

· Installation of concrete curb between Dixie and the RR

· Installation of utilities west of C Street

· Asphalt patchwork

· Installation of conduits to the concrete poles in the alleys

· Installation of road base in the alley near crematorium on 11th Avenue.

At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, we will discuss the Dixie and 10th Avenue intersection and the light at 10th and “A.” We have a surveyor working on the specific area included within the CRA boundaries west of the 10th Avenue North and “A” intersection. Staff has already had discussion with Public Services on possible improvements east of the Lake Worth sign.

A Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) advisory is currently being approved by the City regarding a partial closure at “A” and 10th. Once approved, I will send this to the Board and it will be posted accordingly.

North “A” Street at 10th Ave will be closed 4/20-24/09 for water line repair. It will be closed all week. The attached MOT shows the proposed route. Please note the traffic will need to go to Dixie Hwy in order to get back to I-95. No left turns will be possible coming from the south onto 10th Ave North. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who you feel needs this information. Thanks for your patience.