Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick notes from last night's presentation and City Commission meeting re Casino Building and Beach

These are from notes taken during the meeting. More discussion and analysis later.
  • Structural report included more invasive process to determine building condition. Found that the building needs work, but not in risk of failure.
  • Straticon felt that building official was correct in making the call to condemn the building based on other reports as it was a public building. Spalling concrete could fall and cause injury.
  • Design would entail extending retail spaces 12 ft. to the east and consume area taken up by walkway/overhang.
  • New colonnade would be built east in a style similar to that of the original building.
  • Center pass-through would provide access to western area and new patio.
  • Ballroom would be expanded to twice the current size. Second floor north of center of building does not exist now.
  • New gable roof would be added where flat roof exists now. Allows for greater ceiling height than present.
  • Open air patio 360 degrees around second floor.
  • Straticon thought that historic designation was possible. (I am not sure about that as this is more of a reconstruction than a restoration - my opinion)
  • LEED certification possible but vague on level that could be achieved. Sounded like certification would be due to location more than other factors or building techniques.
  • Estimate for building only would be just short of $10 million and would include locker room building.
  • Site work not included.
  • Total of 50,000 sq. ft (waiting for confirmation of this figure).
  • Building would be gutted. All new mechanical, electrical and plumbing.
  • Construction would be phased. Tenants moved around during construction.
  • Predicted 12 to 14 month construction period (wildly optimistic in my opinion)
  • Commissioner Jennings brought up a local hiring requirement (labor center?)
  • Building life estimated at 20 years before additional work needed. On-going maintenance essential.
  • Parking structure not addressed.
  • Design/build approach to construction.
Please post comment for corrections if you attended meeting and I am in error re any of the above.

Click title for link to audio of meeting.