Sunday, December 14, 2008

Item on coming Commission Meeting agenda - 12/16 re City Manager

Long expected item appears under New Business on the next City Commission agenda. For the past almost two years, our City Manager has been one that you could term either "drive by" or "drive through" - pick your favorite term. Commissioner Golden negotiated - if you can call it that - his contract to a point that it turned out to be the wish list of every City Manager - come and go as you please, no need to answer phones or e-mails, get paid big bucks, have other people do the work and take the heat for you and essentially pick and choose the time you want to leave being employed by the city of Lake Worth. Those in the know knew that he was "only good through the election." Now, with the new Commission in place, the time for getting out has come.

Of course, the back-up on this item is non-existent. I doubt that there is some new information due by next Tuesday regarding the matter - why the secrecy? Who will be the interim while a search is conducted? They will be conducting a search won't they? Or, is the decision already made? Will this City Manager be a part of this community, be accessible and responsive? Before I thought it was a workable situation to have a City Manager that doesn't live here. No more.

Mr. Baldwin's stay here - if you can call it that - changed my mind.

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