Monday, November 17, 2008

A grisly story and timely reminder to vote for Dave Vespo from Maura Hennesey

Dear Lake Worth Friends,

I have a little crime story that had a happy ending. I was on my way to the Wellington 10 miler Race last month. As I came out on Dixie I saw a guy chasing another guy with a crowbar and he had the look of murder in his eyes. If you haven’t seen this look, think of Freddie Kruger on a really bad day. It was a miracle I didn’t hit both guys in my sleepy slumber at 5am. I make a quick U turn and called 911.

I couldn’t locate the crowbar attacker or his victim who was begging for his life according to the body language I saw. I drove around for awhile and couldn’t find them, went home and got sick.

Once I was composed, I headed back out again for the race only to find multiple Palm Beach County Sheriff’s and an ambulance. I asked if this was from the call about the crowbar attack and they said yes. I pulled over explained I was the witness and I did a police report. They had already caught the guy!!! They pulled him out of the car for me to identify him and it was crazy eyes. His victim was taken to the hospital with head injuries and his condition was serious but he will be OK.

Crazy eyes was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possibly a hate crime. The victim was a gay man and the crowbar attacker kept yelling anti gay slurs while he beat him with the crowbar. This happened on Dixie just outside College Park. After doing the Police Report and making my eye witness ID, I was very pumped up. Went out to Wellington and ran like the wind! I did 10 miles in 1 hour 27 minutes. That was one happy ending. I visited the victim Jose in the hospital and he was going to be released and he will be OK, the real happy ending.

The moral of the story other then trying to stop an attack and running like the wind is we have a crime problem that we need serious help.

Dave Vespo brought the PBCSO to Lake Worth. The Lake Worth Police took a pay cut so they could be part of the merger. I have spoken to many police officers and they feel that their lives were at risk every night because of the limited # of police on the street before the merger and our crime problem. We are only 2nd in crime problems to Riviera Beach. After living in Lake Worth during the mid to late 80’s I can tell you, it can get very bad very quickly. The fact that Dave Vespo cared enough to Fight the hard Fight to bring in Palm Beach County Sheriff’s should get him re elected.

Please go out to the polls tomorrow Tuesday November 18th and vote.

If you wan to go for a run let me know, I’m always up for it, beginners are always welcome and I promise not to go hunting for crowbar attackers to get pumped up for a race.

Your Neighbor and Friend,

Maura Hennessey

Note from Wes: I heard about this story from someone who owns a business on North Dixie Highway. They too commented on the speed and professisonalism in how the entire situation was handled by the PBSCO. Something that Maura didn't mention - Suzanne Mulvehill would have been against the Sheriff department merger, right in line with Cara Jennings and Jo Ann Golden - her biggest supporters. Vote Dave Vespo tomorrow for two more solid years of service!